Intelligent valve project is expected

16 proposed projects, which alone Fluid Equipment Co." Through this test, corporate design and development capability and quality assurance capabilities is self-evident, natural to win market initiative.

As a pillar industry in Wenzhou City, valve industry, the scale of last year, industrial output was 17. Zhejiang Jiangyuan An intelligent valve project is expected to put into production output value reached 1.

A project, not just superimposed the absolute number of investment and output, more like the sea of the drop, reflects the pump and valve industry to seek transition roads lead to:

Shen Jiang valve led to some enterprises, aiming high, unique, fine direction, to seize the nuclear power valve and other high tech product development; Kai Hei Farm valves and other enterprises, integrating re-formed army, in order to expand the market leading trend Baotuan; Point Fraser other is specialized in that specific implementation of systems and so do control products for the formation of industrial clusters overcome the bottleneck of modern.

Targeting High-Precision Seek Special "Trump Card"

On April 10 this year, Zhejiang Province, the scene of Nuclear Valves butt forum held in Shen-Jiang valve. Step, Zhejiang Province, Xu Nuclear Society president, Qinshan nuclear power first, second, third phase of the project and the three nuclear power projects and other responsible persons have arrived at the scene. Needless to say, participating in the nuclear field is the province's top professionals. From 17. This also means that the valve in the field of nuclear power, Shen Jiang has been recognized.

This Can Not Help Asking: the Sustaining Power Come From?

According to City Economic and Trade Commission data, this city valve 37 industrial projects under construction, plans a total investment of 2. Business environment in such a big, must reveal their specialty skills. In addition, 2015 also came out with a number of valve project plan.

These are the pump and valve industry output target of strong double lung power.19 billion yuan.2 billion.

Although its initial investment in a sort of return is also out of proportion to - since 2004 the decision to enter the field of nuclear power valves, Shen Jiang, It took 3 years, 5 million yuan more investment into radioactive exposure testing room, only in 2007 to obtain "qualified civilian nuclear equipment design permits" and "civilian nuclear equipment manufacturing license is" these two valves in the industry's "gold card.

Wenzhou Pump Industry transformation and upgrading program of action that, for 2015, basically from the traditional block valve industry gathering area economy to a modern industrial clusters across, efforts to make our city become the important base of the valve industry." At the same time, the city also is actively seeking the original "valve Product Testing Center, Zhejiang Province," based on "national valve testing center", and seek to establish a "national experiment base valve" for the city valve enterprises to seize the technological high ground to provide a more favorable external conditions." Shen Jiang, deputy general manager Wang-year-old Green said valve.

Valve in the industry become increasingly competitive.."

"However, these two payment card is anyway to get the hand.19 billion yuan to 350 billion, in today's economic situation when the span is quite substantial. The high technical threshold of nuclear power valve is a "litmus test.

In the valve industry, high-precision products has become a special separate ways companies seek to upgrade the "trump card. According to statistics, at the end of class valve manufacturing companies nationwide over 7000.

As the second city to get business licenses of nuclear power valve, the current nuclear Jiang Shen 2, 3 electric ball valve and gate valve has been identified, and used over the province and Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, The sales of approximately 20 million yuan last year.7 billion break. In response, City Economic and Trade Commission official says that the target is achievable.

Moreover, the single valve on the nuclear power market, although the input-output ratio is not yet satisfactory, but the rapid development of this market, the market demand is more robust than expected.

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